Dada’s light experience
Grilled asparagus, salad, red grapefruit, horseradish
Beetroot tartar, tomato, raspberry, cocoa
Peal barley, peas, asparagus, miso mushrooms
Raspberry sorbet, matcha, milk crumble, fried rosemary

Dada’s full experience
Amanda mussel, rose & rhubarb vinegar, pistachio
Oyster leaves, shrimp, lemon gel
Fried lotus root, parsley, herbs
Redfish, tomato, strawberry, hibicus kombucha
Celery sorbet, olive oil, sea salt
Chawanmushi, peas, seaweed
Grilled oyster hats, miso, tarragon, dried yeast
Colorado roast, chicken sauce, green asparagus
Sponge cake, apple & thyme syrup
Raspberry, sorbet, matcha, milk crumble,
fried rosemary

A la carte and bar snacks also available

Dada is a sustainable restaurant and cocktail bar characterized by its playful identity, commitment to local products and inspiration from all over the world.